D Jetronic MAF sensor less System “MAFLESS Tuner” Coming Soon

Vehicles that use AFM or MAF sensors in race cars are very rare.
The engine management system basically does not use MAF.
MAF is the resistance of intake air and loses horsepower.

  • Eliminate the intake air resistance of the MAF sensor
  • Higher response than MAF sensor
  • Remove horsepower limitation from MAF sensor
  • Increase / decrease of fuel injection amount can be adjusted
  • Map control equivalent to Engine Merger Systems with existing ECU
  • No limit to the air intake diameter
  • Multiple throttle is possible
  • Throttle density (throttle speed) method can be used in addition to D-Jetronic
  • 3D setting function of fuel injection amount by MAF input of ECU
  • Compatible with MAF sensors (hot wire, mechanical airflow) up to 5V Output
  • Two types are available: naturally aspirated and turbo engine
  • Automatic setting using existing MAF sensor
  • Password protection for setting data
  • Data logger function for intake pressure, rotation speed, and throttle position
  • USB Type-C connection, Windows software control

MAF sensors (mass airflow sensors) are installed in most electronically controlled engines.
The MAF sensor usually has a power supply of 12V and an output of up to 5V or less.
(Sensor output is 1V to 4V during operation)

MAFLESS Tuner emulates the MAF sensor by adding D-Jetronic control with a pressure sensor and a 3D map of the number of revolutions, and α-N control by the throttle position.

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