Initial Setting (Necessary)

DEKA is a system that allows to analyze engine knocking.

DEKA uses WAV data (linear PCM data) format for engine knock analysis.
It is reguarly used as a sound file on Windows PC.

To obtain correct operation and measurement results, input and output settings are required on the Windows OS side.

  1. Set a default device (All OS)
  2. Set the microphone input to 2 channels (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  3. Set the DEKA microphone input level (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Setup Method
DEKA is normally configured to use "default device set by OS".
Therefore, the knock signal cannot be acquired until the default device setting is changed.
However, from the DEKA software "Device" menu, you can temporarily switch to a device other than the default.

DEKA unit can be used by setting the "Default device" (sound) with the following settings.

Default Device Settings
From the task bar (the lower right of the desktop), right-click the speaker icon and click "Sounds".

(Windows XP: audio property adjustment (A))
(Windows 10: Sounds (S))

The items displayed depend on the device connected to your PC or the OS environment.
From sound (S), change the Recording item to "USB Audio CODEC".

This item is displayed when the DEKA unit is connected to the USB port and disappears when disconnected.

Recording tab

The items displayed depend on the PC environment you are using.

USB Audio COPDEC or USB Audio Filter Driver

Set DEKA as a default device.
When DEKA unit is removed from the USB port, the old device returns as the default.

Setting the input format

DEKA has 2 channel inputs, but default on PC is set as 1 channel input.
In this state, the white and red inputs of DEKA are mixed and individual analysis can not be performed, so change to "2 channel" setting.
After changing the default device and setting the microphone level, click on the "Advanced" tab.

When using for the first time, it may be set as 1 channel. In that case, change it to 2 channel.
From the "Advanced" tab, set to "2 channel, 16 bit, ..." (CD Quality) or (DVD Quality).

Setting the input level

Double-click on the input set above to make detailed settings.

When the default device is set, now set the level.
Normally set "70" as a guide.
Please change input level depending on the PC environment to be used and target to be acquired.

  If the input level is too high, the signal will be distorted and the S/N ratio will deteriorate.
(Make sure that the volume from the speaker is not excessive compared to Windows notification sound or other benchmark)

Audio Playback
DEKA does not support audio playback.
If the playback have become USB Audio CODEC, knock sounds will not be played from speakers or headphones.
Please reconfigure the default device to the original device.

The above settings are usually only for the initial installation.