• Coil capability bench test
  • Usable to Ignitor built-in coil
  • Absolute max Dwell time, Current, Power
  • Dwell time designation test
  • Dwell-specified max current, power



  • Selecting ignition coil
  • Measure coil performance
  • Ignition system refinement
  • Measure ignitor performance
  • Correct dwell time setting
  • Coil operation test
  • Ignitor operation test



Ignition coil performance tester is currently the world’s only Ignition Coil tester that can measure the performance of the ignition coil.

The ignition coil had been difficult to digitize the individual performance, so it had been chosen with specialist’s feeling and reputation. In fact, this individual coil performance varying around ±20% was a big problem of causing the difference in performance of its engine.

Ignition coil performance tester can quantify the potential of the coil the through absolute maximum capacity test and dwell time designation test. It can now select the superior coil out of exact same type and moreover, it would not miss any coil deterioration through heat.

Ignition coils cannot demonstrate their ability with short dwell time, and exceeding the limit will burn down the coils and ignitors. Ignition coil performance tester allows selecting the safe and high-power ignition coils, and optimum dwell time setting.

“Absolute maximum dwell time”, “maximum current” and “absolute maximum power” measured by Ignition coil performance tester will show the marginal performance of the coil. Moreover, “Dwell time setting test” compares multiple coils under the same condition, making it possible to select the superior ignition coil.


Absolute Test

  • Absolute Dwell Time
    It is almost the maximum time to let current flow through the coil with “current supply voltage”.
    The value of ADT is a change point that loses the coil component and becomes magnetic saturation. Please set the using dwell time shorter than the ADT since the heat generation will also increase extremely beyond this point.
  • Absolute Coil Current
    It is the maximum current value flowing through the coil with the voltage at this moment. The current increases over time from the energization of the coil and the most amount of current flows near the absolute maximum dwell time.
    ACC value can be used to judge the wiring thickness for the ignition coil, the fuse capacity, fit of the connector etc. (At high rpm, this value either flows continuously or overlapping, so at least more than 3x the current capacity value displayed should be held)
    “The resistance value of the whole ignition circuit” including the igniter can be calculated through (Power supply voltage ÷ maximum current)
    Unlike measuring a coil resistance with a simple tester, the active resistance value in coil operating state can be examined.
    Also with an ignitor built-in coil, resistance value including the internal resistance of the ignitor can be obtained.
  • Absolute Coil Power
    This is the limit energy amount that the ignition coil can be stored, and it represents the maximum capacity of the coil.
    The greater this value is, the greater the total energy storage capacity of the coil is.

The dwell time that can withstand actual operation changes variously depending on the type of ignition coil, temperature, and operating environment, so we cannot answer its optimum values and setting values etc.


Fixed Dwell

  • Setting Dwell Time
    It is generally the dwell time set.
    The value may be displayed low when it is judged that the set value greatly exceeds the capability of the coil.
    The result of setting exceeding the absolute maximum dwell time is not reliable.
  •  End Coil Current
    End Coil Current displays the amount of current at the end of the set dwell time (energization termination).
    Generally, it is the maximum current value within the specified dwell time, but it may decrease somewhat depending on the setting value.
    (The number of current changes due to an increase in the coil resistance value from heat generation, etc.)
    To correspond to the actual current used in the vehicle, it is required to take a margin with wiring and igniters based on the value.
  • Real Coil Power
    Real Coil Power is the amount of energy that could be stored in the ignition coil at the set dwell time.
    The larger this value is, the greater the energy storage capacity at the set dwell time. Based on this value, the best result can be obtained by setting the dwell time according to the allowable amount of the ignition coil, or by testing several coils and selecting individuals with the largest energy amount.

Measurement result will fluctuate at any time depending on coil temperature and the surrounding environment.
For example, as the temperature of the coil rises, the resistance of the wire increases, so the current decreases and the dwell time tends to increase. Make time for the coil to cool down, measure it several times and average.