One of our jobs is to make modification parts for microphones

Our business started with the development of tuning parts for cars and motorcycles.
Today, we develop and manufacture all kinds of electronic devices, many of which are ODMs.
However, we wanted to make our accumulated technology available to more people than our corporate partners.

One of the genres we modify is microphones.
For example, many Youtubers say that the higher the audio quality, the lower the viewer disengagement rate.
This means that microphone selection is very important.

DIGHTEC microphone tuning
DIGHTEC also makes modification parts for microphones

The type of microphone needs to be changed depending on the subject.
For example, stereo works well for environmental videos, and mono works well for narration and close-up cooking videos.
In some cases, a mix of mono and stereo can also be useful.
In any case, a microphone with low noise, good frequency response, and a wide dynamic range are effective but expensive.

However, the most important thing to remember is that each person has his or her own preferences.
In the end, the producer’s preference is the deciding factor in attracting viewers.
Which microphone to choose is a matter of the producer’s skill.

We recommend trying and testing to expand the range of microphone options.