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Tuning parts

We make products that improve the performance of various cars, from commercial cars to race cars.

Our customers

We are developing special equipment for use in the development of automobile manufacturers. Many industry manufacturers such as heavy industry and machinery are customers.


We have been manufacturing products by ODM and OEM for over 30 years. Developing the original interface with our own USB-IF vendor ID.

Sensors, interfaces, systems

Our business includes from sensors to program control by microcontrollers, interface modules, and Windows software development to configure.

DIGH electronics produces motorsports electronics, software and measurement equipment for tuning, racing and development.

  • Engine Knock analyzer
  • Ignition coil performance test bench
  • MAF – D-Jetronic convert module

Analysis procedure of engine knock by EKA system

  1. Attach the EKA knock sensor to the engine block.
  2. Connect the knock sensor to the EKA system main unit.
  3. Connect EKA system to Windows PC with micro USB cable.
  4. Connect headphones to Windows PC.
  5. Start the EKA software and band pass filter the knock frequency in the cylinder bore or manually.
  6. Frequency image analysis is performed while monitoring engine knock sound limited to knock frequency.
  7. Record the engine sound with EKA software and analyze the knock situation.
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