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Tuning and electronic components

We manufacture products that improve the performance of various vehicles, from commercial vehicles to race cars. We also offer elements for high-end audio applications.

Our customers

Essentially, we are developing special equipment for use in the development of automobile manufacturers. Many industry manufacturers such as heavy industry and machinery are customers.
We started DIGHTEC not only for BtoB but also for general use of our accumulated technology.


We have been manufacturing products by ODM and OEM for over 30 years. Developing the original interface with our original USB-IF vendor ID.

Sensors, interfaces, systems

Our business includes sensors to program control by microcontrollers, interface modules, and Windows software development to configure.

DIGHTEC develops motorsport electronics, e.g. measuring instruments for tuning and racing parts. We also supply special sensors, semiconductor devices, and electronic components for the manufacturing industry.

  • Engine Knock analyzer
  • Ignition coil performance test bench
  • ECU processed parts
  • MAF – D-Jetronic converter
  • CAN interface
  • Sensor and sensor interface

DIGHTEC is good at upgrading cars and equipment with electronic technology.
The performance of a personal computer improves when the CPU or GPU is replaced.

Similarly, cars and audio can be upgraded with high-performance parts.
Even for low-priced equipment, there are ways to improve performance by modifying it.
DIGHTEC proposes various equipment upgrade methods as well as car tuning.